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SailGP’s first-ever NFT collections unveiled as part of its partnership with NEAR give fans a chance to own their own unique piece of SailGP history. In many cases, physical giveaways will accompany digital purchases while superfan collectors will be rewarded with exclusive SailGP experiences.

All four collections are affordable and based on values shared by SailGP and NEAR.

For Good | For Sport and Community | For Entertainment | For Fans

Fans will have their chance to buy their first NFT HERE.

The collections will be on display and available to buy at the @iamnotArt gallery - Chicago’s first physical NFT gallery - from June 16-17 during the T-Mobile United States Sail Grand Prix | Chicago at Navy Pier.

Take a look around the Virtual Gallery, below...

The 60 NFTs created from SailGP’s Chicago City Collection artwork will be available to purchase, while the NEAR X SailGP F50 icon NFT will be issued to anyone who downloads the NEAR digital wallet or uses the QR code to enter the gallery.

After two days at the gallery, the collection will move to the SailGP Event Village at Navy Pier and be on display in the Ballroom until June 19.

Further details about the NFT gallery can be found at iamnotart.com/SailGP.

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